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365 Day Habitat Conservatories – They’re Easy With Equinox

Posted: Friday 7th April 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
conservatory with equinox roof

Welcome to the Temperate Zone. A 365 Day a Year Habitable Conservatory. At Elglaze we can’t help but be evangelistic about the benefits of installing an Equinox Tiled Roof to your existing conservatory. Of course, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that we’ve got a vested interest in this – after all, we’re in the business of installing the Equinox system. But our answer to that is – don’t just take our word for it. Because when it comes to turning your existing conservatory into a year-round temperate zone, the facts speak for themselves.

Research conducted at Cranfield University has shown that the average south-facing conservatory reaches a comfortable temperature for just two hours a day – and that’s year round. Unless of course you heat or cool it artificially depending on the season. This applies especially if you have an older conservatory as often this turns out to be little more than a greenhouse tacked on to the side of your home. Think about that greenhouse for a moment – especially if you have one. Hot in summer and inhabitable or needing a heater for delicate planets in winter.  Chances are you’re either wilting or withdrawing indoors where it’s warmer.

Enter Equinox turning your conservatory into a temperate zone just like the rest of your home. What’s more, your conservatory no longer looks like a greenhouse someone has tacked on to your home but like a proper extension as an Equinox roof blends seamlessly with the tiles on your main roof. You get to keep all the benefits of your conservatory – retaining the large windows and the light, with none of the associated down-sides. Older conservatories in particular need the roof cleaned and maintained on a regular basis and often the glass itself needs repairing or even replacing. Water-tightness and condensation can also be on-going problems. You can either choose to do this again and again – or eliminate the need for it entirely by replacing the glass entirely with an Equinox roof.

At Elglaze we don’t want you to compromise on the lifestyle your conservatory offers you. We want to extend it for you – enabling you to enjoy using your conservatory year round – no matter the season and no matter the weather. Talk to us about replacing that glass roof with a real one. It’s just one more home enhancement idea you’ll love from Elglaze.

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