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5 benefits of aluminium windows and doors: are they the next step in creating a greener planet?

Published: Friday 23rd July 2021 | Categories: House & Home

Many of us are continuously looking for ways to remain environmentally friendly. But as we’re sure you know this can be a tough and at times fairly time-consuming task. This is where aluminium windows and doors can be of great value to you and your home. In this post we will be walking you through the ways in which aluminium windows and doors are one of the most sustainable options out there, and why all of their many other great attributes may fit your home perfectly. 


The first thing we should discuss is how long you will be able to have your aluminium windows for before they need replacing. A lot of windows need changing after around 25 to 35 years, which is great. However, with aluminium windows, you’re looking at potentially 45 years before they’ll need changing.  

Not to mention in those 45 years they will barely need any maintenance. Aluminium is a highly durable metal that unlike most will not rust over time, all you need in order to clean them is a mild detergent, water and a cloth.

Energy efficiency.

Gone are the days of aluminium windows and doors being bad insulators, with new technologies and designs we are now able to obtain increased thermal efficiency.

Reduced frame thickness in our aluminium windows helps to prevent heat loss from your home, while the insulated timber blade our aluminium doors are constructed around helps the door to retain heat wonderfully.

In addition to those features, you can also get the windows with double and triple glazing which of course helps immensely with energy efficiency. 

Safe and secure.

One of the most important features you need indoors and windows is a secure build and design in order to ensure you and your family’s safety. Aluminium on its own is a very durable material, so naturally, when used in windows and doors it creates a very secure and sturdy design. 

Our aluminium doors are of a very thin design yet one of the strongest. With both Winkhaus AV2 Slam Shut locks and point locking points as standard, you’re getting one of the most secure doors available. Our aluminium windows are Q mark certified meaning they meet the standards for both Standard Window Performance and Enhanced Window Security. 

Environmentally friendly.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Not only that but as mentioned earlier it lasts almost 10 years longer than other types of windows on the market, meaning that even though you will be recycling them, when it’s time to replace them, you won’t need to do it as frequently. 

This may not seem like it would make a difference but it actually saves a huge amount of energy and resources, as the process of recycling isn’t done as much and of course, the product isn’t being produced from scratch using raw materials.


There has been quite a rise in popularity with aluminium doors and windows, and that is mainly down to the fact that they come with a sleek look and feel. Aluminium windows can have very slim frames giving you a minimalistic look, which can be perfect for modern homes.

Another benefit of having thin frames is that it means you get more of the actual window pane on view, in turn allowing more light into the house and giving you a better view of the outside. 

We also provide the option to powder coat our aluminium doors and windows in essentially any colour you want, plus you have a range of designs to choose from. So, trying to match the style of your house can be done effortlessly. 

Finally, if you’re in need of new windows or this post has inspired you to look into some new home improvements, do get in touch with us here at Elglaze. Our team are happy to help with any queries you have. 


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