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5 Brilliant Hacks to Create More Living Space

Posted: Friday 1st September 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
Open plan living

With moving home costing an all-time high once you have added up agent’s fees, stamp duty, re-financing and the move itself, it’s no wonder more and more home owners are opting to #lovethehomeyoulivein and look to creating the space they need right where they are instead of actually relocating.

Extending your home and creating more physical, liveable space is just one part of the process however. Once you’ve got it, you need to make the most of it. Elglaze have some handy tips to maximise all that extra space – and make it look stunning too, so you and everyone else enjoys the benefits!

1: Colour Me Light: With extra space chances are you need to decorate that new extension or re-decorate to incorporate the old with the new. Use light, plain wall colours to keep that feeling of openness. Darker colours tend to make any room appear smaller. It may be also worth bearing in mind that homeowners are now being asked to think carefully about some popular interior design trends that have dominated decorating in recent times. These are the trend for darker greys, blues and other colours on walls, and also papering one or more walls of a room with metallic or bright graphic wallpaper. While we can say that if you have extended your home, you are unlikely to be thinking of selling it, should you decide to do so in the future, estate agents have found that these interior decorating trends can have a negative impact on the sale price if someone’s taste is not exactly like your own. Darker colours are expensive to erase as they require more coats as is steaming off and replacing wallpaper you do not like. While decorating your home is all about making it your own, bear this in mind should you ever consider moving.  Keep it light.

2: Get floored! Lighter woods, larger tiles, broader boards. All these add up to walking around in a larger space. Keep the flooring consistent throughout your space to create continuity even if your plan is to add a rug or two. Decorator hack: Laying floorboards diagonally makes rooms automatically look bigger so don’t be afraid to go for a new angle.

3: Let in the light: You may have chosen a skypod, rooflight or skylight for your extension and gorgeous bi-fold doors. Light is your #1 creator of space so try not to limit the amount that enters. When choosing blinds, opt for white or light colours. You may want to avoid curtains entirely but if you do choose some, opt for sheer rather than opaque fabrics.

4: Storage: To maintain that space, you should consider custom made storage options rather than just bringing in shelves and extra cupboards. Does your new extension allow you the opportunity to create a windowseat? If so, you can build custom storage under it. Look around, get inventive and also, if you do have a collection or a lot of items such as books to display, having custom shelving installed not only retains that sense of space but can also makes a feature out of your possessions.  Remember, storage with doors you can close hides clutter – which we all have no matter how streamlined our homes are!

5:  Zoning: If you now have the much-desired kitchen/family/entertaining space then to get the most out of it, you need to create dedicated  ‘zones’ within it. This allows you to get the most out of your extension and retain that feeling of spaciousness. Don’t allow furniture and items to flow from one area into another as this creates a ‘cluttered’ look and makes areas look smaller. Treat each zone as if it were a separate room. So, a dedicated dining area, another for seating and relaxing and so on.

These five simple hacks allow you to get the most out of any living space – in fact you can apply them to any room whether you are extending or not. Ready to talk home improvement? Talk to Elglaze and also ask us about any special money saving offers or promotions we may be having at the time. Chances are creating your ideal living space may turn out to be cheaper than you think. Don’t just live a little – live a lot larger with Elglaze and #lovethehomeyoulivein


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