Equinox Vega Roof with Grey Tiles

5 Reasons the Equinox Vega is the Perfect Conservatory Roof

Published: Tuesday 26th January 2021 | Categories: House & Home

Picture this – It’s a hot summer day in the middle of July, and you’re looking for a more relaxed place to sit back and read your weekend newspaper. You decide to try the conservatory but are quickly met with a wave of heat reminding you why this isn’t always possible with your current conservatory set up, so you swiftly turn around to find a different spot in the house.

If you’re reading this post, you may have experienced something similar to your current conservatory installation. If so, the following may be of interest to you as we touch upon five reasons why the Equinox Vega tiled conservatory roof may help you enjoy those hot summer days and cold winter nights more.

Equinox Vega can upgrade the comfort of your current living space.

Let’s begin with comfort. As we have already touched upon, controlling our conservatories temperature with a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof will always be an enduring challenge. It’s either too hot during summer or bitterly cold in the winter. In the winter periods, we have to balance this out by turning up the thermostat, but as a consequence, we have to suffer those expensive energy bills.

To help control this, we can introduce the new Equinox Vega tiled conservatory roof, which flaunts a solid conservatory roof design that’s insulated the same way your home roof is, helping maintain a more comfortable temperature, so it’s ‘just right’ all year round.

A properly insulated conservatory roof can save up to 90% of heat loss. Not only does the Equinox Vega roof insulate well, but has the additional benefit of opening up the ceiling to allow natural light to pass through, lighting up the entire room. And, of course, not forgetting all those plants now able to grow bigger and healthier! A win-win situation all round!

Protecting you from higher energy bills

What’s the key behind all this extra comfort and convenience? To answer this question, we need to look no further than the roofing panels used in the Equinox Vega tiled roofing system. The term used within the industry is a “warm roof” design, which keeps the heat in all the way up to the roof’s apex, allowing the living space to stay cosy and warm when you need it most.

A solid conservatory roof design is estimated to be up to fifteen times better at keeping in the heat than traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs. If you look at the Equinox Vega roof design in person, you may think it seems too thin to be so efficient, but in fact, it’s among the most efficient roofing systems on the market. In technical terms, it has, has u-value of 0.15. Or to put it simply, it’s approximately ten times more efficient than an A-rated double glazed window.

Not only does an Equinox Vega roofing system keep energy bill prices lower, but it can also reduce your carbon footprint. If saving money wasn’t enough, you can also look back and take pride in knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment too. After the initial investment, you’ll undoubtedly be on your way to saving money almost instantly. Not to mention, the added value this gives your home if you were ever to sell it.

Equinox Roof Cross Section

Modern conservatories such as Elglaze’s employ a whole host of measures to ensure energy efficiency is kept as high as possible whilst maintaining fair prices and the highest calibre of service. Elglaze pride themselves on these values.

Less weight, without compromising light

You might be asking yourself “So if I am to change my existing roof to a tiled roof design, will I not be sacrificing natural light entry?” Similar questions will often arise when people start to think about a new conservatory installation or a replacement for their existing roof. Understandably, because one of the benefits of a new conservatory is to allow more natural light to enter, surely?

With the new Equinox Vega roof, the simple answer is NO you will not be sacrificing light entry. Equinox Vega has been designed with this specifically in mind. The design allows for large panels of glazing to sit flush with the tiles, directly contrasting to more traditional roof glazing options such as Velux windows.

Equinox Vega Roof

Natural light is a welcome visitor in any home. The glazing panels can be up to 1000mm wide, giving a larger, airy feeling to your living space and better sunny conservatories whilst still having all of the added benefits of better insulation and efficiency.

Fast and easy conservatory roof conversion

Even if you look closely, it will be hard to tell the difference between a standard, tiled roof and an Equinox Vega tiled roof. Well, this is where the Equinox Vega shines through. The tiles used are made of either an ultra-lightweight, glass-reinforced plastic (or GRP as it’s known the industry), limestone and polypropylene blend, or extremely lightweight steel. All that might sound too much right now, but believe us when we say it’s considerably lighter than traditional tiles and will sit comfortably upon your existing conservatory frame.

interior shot of the Equinox Vega roof

Our Equinox Vega roofs are precision engineered and manufactured to the highest level to ensure they fit existing frames. It uses a prefabrication method that improves the time it takes to install an Equinox roof compared to a more traditional roofing system. Installation is quick, easy and straightforward, meaning you won’t need to wait weeks for installation to be complete. It takes only a matter of days from start to finish, allowing you to enjoy sooner the new lease of life and light your existing living space has. Changing the roof of an existing conservatory doesn’t mean entire lorry loads of building material have to overwhelm your home, Elglaze provides a quick, efficient and fuss-free installation.

A range of finishes and colours to match your existing home

At Elglaze, it’s just as important to us as to you that our products blend seamlessly with your home. That’s why with the Equinox Vega, we offer a range of different styling and tiling options for beautifully bespoke conservatories that blend effortlessly with your existing home. If it’s straightforward like replacing an existing conservatory roof, the result is a simple, fast and cost-effective option. The Elglaze team are on hand to assist with any queries you may have and the different styling options available to you – you can get in touch here.

Putting it all together

Here we’ve touched upon the benefits of the new Equinox Vega tiled roof conservatory has to offer and why you should choose Elglaze:

  • An affordable way to update your existing conservatory.
  • Consistent comfort all year round.
  • They are fully insulated to maintain a more consistent temperature.
  • Reduces glare from the sun and noise from the rain.
  • A range of finishes and colours to match your existing house roof.
  • Elglaze expert fitters ensure a perfect finish with minimal disruption.

At Elglaze, we go above beyond to be the best installers of high-quality uPVC and aluminium windows, doors, and conservatories to homes in Cambridgeshire and beyond. It’s always been our aim to offer fair prices for high-quality products.

If you’re looking for a bespoke conservatory installation or to upgrade an existing conservatory roof, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members.


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