Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

5 simple reasons why investing in bi-fold doors is a good idea

Published: Friday 18th June 2021 | Categories: House & Home

Sometimes patio doors just don’t cut it. By all means, we love patio doors at Elglaze, but if you compare them to bi-folding doors, it’s clear that bi-folds can be the superior option. Here, we outline 5 reasons these doors can be a good home improvement option.

Make your space feel and appear larger with bi-fold doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The first and probably most apparent benefit bi-fold doors provide is their ability to enhance your home and the feeling of more space.  Who doesn’t want to feel like their home has extra space just by installing larger doors!?

If your home already has an open plan layout, you can enhance this even further by adding a set of bi-fold doors. Open plan and broken-plan layouts have been gaining popularity for homes across the UK. So, now is your chance to get ahead and design your ideal space with bi-fold doors.

Be one step away from your garden

Bi-folds are a great way to eliminate any barrier between you and your garden. They help immerse yourself in nature. Because of the versatility of bi-fold doors, you can easily choose between the various opening options. For example, you can open just one panel like conventional doors, or if you want the whole experience of bi-folding doors, you can open them all the way across. This is the perfect way to bring the outside into your home.

Be proud of your garden – show it off!

If you are the type of person who enjoys a spot of gardening, then you probably want to show your strenuous efforts to friends and family when they come around. Well, bi-folding doors are the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Again, it’s in the name, this style of doors folds completely open (model and size depending) – allowing your garden to be made the most of all year round.

If you feel your home is looking slightly tired, bi-fold doors are an easy revamp option

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

There’s always a time when we think our homes begin to look outdated. However, with not too much hassle or time, a bi-folding door set can really make a world of difference to your property, and it will enhance the living space. What’s more, if you were ever to consider selling your home, you can be sure that having bi-fold doors will add extra value to the property’s price.

Extend your kitchen and living area

Who doesn’t like dining outside in the warm summer evenings here in the Uk?! After all, it only happens on a select few days of the year! Bi-fold doors are the perfect wash to enjoy a BBQ with friends and family on your patio, decking or lawn space.

In summary, it’s clear that bi-folding doors are the easy choice to help enhance your home and make the most of the space available. Bi-fold doors look incredibly stylish. They also come in many different shapes and sizes – making it possible to match almost any home no matter the age.

If you want to upgrade your home, do get in touch with us here at Elglaze, and we’d be happy to arrange a measure up at your home at a time that best fits with you and your schedule.


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