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Add value to your home with bi-folding doors

Published: Thursday 21st July 2022 | Categories: House & Home

Homeowners are now favouring home improvements over moving entirely. Maybe the pandemic helped this trend gain traction, or people are beginning to be more careful with their hard-earned money. Realising it costs less to make more minor home improvements rather than pack up and move house entirely is becoming more favourable for many people today.

There might be multiple reasons for not wanting to move homes, but what’s important to note is home improvements, such as bi-fold doors, can quickly add value to your home.

You might be asking, “so, how much value does a home improvement add to my property then?”. This, of course, depends on the type of home improvement. But, experts say anything in the region of 5-10% is not too much to expect for a typical home improvement.

Reasons why bi-fold doors can add value to your home

  • Bi-folding doors can span several metres enabling a vast opening.
  • When crafted, they enhance the aesthetics of any home and give it that all-important “wow” factor.
  • They open up a property into the garden and create an inside-outside atmosphere.
  • Low U-values help keep the inside of a house thermally efficient, lowering your monthly heating bills.
  • Adds protection from intruders due to the rigidness of the frames and the resilience of the secure locking mechanism.

If you were looking to move home, you probably wouldn’t have found yourself scrolling through this post about home improvements and how they can add help add extra value. In the long run, investing in improvements for your home will likely pay dividends and add that additional value when you decide it is time to move.

Elglaze are experts in home improvements and can provide you with the guidance you need to make the right choice about your next home improvement. Whether bi-fold doors or a brand new conservatory, we are here to help you, so please do get in touch with the team.


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