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Agate grey: our colour of the month for February

Posted: Tuesday 1st March 2022 |Author: Alistair Sales

It’s certainly no secret that grey windows and doors are becoming popular. If you keep an eye out, many new homes pop up with anthracite grey windows and doors. Find out what colour we’ve picked this month for our colour of the month.

Anthracite and slate grey have dominated for the past seven years, but now there’s a new colour on the block – Agate Grey! See below for an example.

agate grey upvc window agate grey upvc window

Agate Grey is a light, fresh alternative to others grey finishes on the market. With a subtle green and grey blend, this finish is very appealing to look at. Agate Grey lends itself well to homes that have lighter brickwork.

Because of the refreshing tones this colour offers, you can pair it with various frame finishes. Agate Greys calming a refreshing look is a perfect way to introduce a modern look to your home without having to go down the route of deep, dark greys such as anthracite grey or slate.

If you’re wanting to give your windows a fresh and modern look why not get in touch today. 

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