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Are You Having an Equinox Summer?

Posted: Wednesday 16th August 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
equinox roof

If summer hasn’t lived up to your expectations, has your conservatory? The British summer is always full of surprises and this one is no exception. We’ve had everything from days of unbroken fine weather to sudden deluges, high winds and almost winter-like temperatures. Getting the most out of summer means being adaptable. Not just being willing to adapt our plans to the weather should it serve up something unexpected, but also adapting our living environment so we get the most of it – no matter what the weather dishes out!


If we are lucky enough to have a conservatory, we usually find ourselves thinking about how much more use out of it we will get as the weather gets warmer. But sometimes not only does summer not deliver, but our conservatory fails to live up to expectations too.  Conservatories allow us to dream of relaxing in them with the doors open in the warmer weather – ‘bringing the outside in’ – allowing us to enjoy our gardens combined with all the benefits and comfort of our home. Yet the reality can be very different – especially with older conservatories or conservatories that were already installed when we acquired our homes. Conservatories should provide us with the perfect refuge – no matter what the weather is doing. But often we find that while we can adapt to suit the weather – our conservatory cannot. Too hot when the temperature soars or else too chilly when it drops. The temperate days where we can get the most out of our conservatory can turn out to be all too few even in the best of summers. Which is where an Equinox summer can be your solution – all year round.

The Equinox Tiled Roof System turns your existing conservatory into a temperate zone – not just in summer but throughout the year. Indistinguishable from the main roof of your home with its range of matching tiles, Equinox transforms your conservatory into a practical, livable extension which functions like any other room in your house. Allowing you to control the temperature yet still retain all the benefits having a conservatory brings such as that open-air ‘outside in’ feeling when you need it, yet adapting to changes in the weather with ease. Allowing you to get more out of all that additional space.

With an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof it’s always summer and summer – and exactly the way you like it inside your conservatory. Want to know more? Explore Equinox installations and even watch the process on our website. Want to talk everlasting summer no matter what the weather is doing? Elglaze are right here to answer your questions so why not call us or even request a callback? Enter the temperate zone – the Equinox Zone, every time you step into your conservatory without having to adapt to the weather outside and #lovethehomeyoulivein

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