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Beautiful Ways to Bring the Outside In to Your Conservatory

Posted: Monday 8th May 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
Paint colours


Whether you have installed an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof (or are currently thinking about it) to your existing conservatory or not, conservatories function as the link between the inside and the outdoors. After all, one of the main reasons people desire or install conservatories is that they want to be able look out on their gardens.

It’s easier than you think to bring the colour and calm we experience when we are in our gardens, into our conservatories. Conservatories tend to lend themselves to fabulous, lighter, brighter colour schemes that reflect the outdoors rather than the deeper tones we often use for our interiors. With this in mind, how do you create a naturally inspired décor that lifts your mood whenever you’re using your conservatory? Don’t worry – Elglaze will get you decorating your conservatory like a professional interior designer with these simple tips.

Look to your garden type: What do you have growing outdoors? Is you garden mainly laid to lawn? Flower beds? A mixture of both? Do you have a veggie garden that is close to your conservatory? What is your favourite season and what blooms in your garden during that time? What shades dominate? Even as the seasons change there are usually one or two major tones that always dominate in our gardens. Make a note of these and then choose furnishings and décor to match. For example, let’s say your favourite season is Spring and/or you have a vegetable patch close to your conservatory. You might choose Brassica by Farrow & Ball for rear walls which beautifully reflects the colours we see in the vegetable garden and which can be paired with strong whites, greys, greens, purples or even a splash of stronger colour to reflect floral blooms. The look is calming, sophisticated but can also be light and fun with stronger accents.

Love colour, florals and sunny days? Sunny walls can be contrasted with blue/green hues and also vibrant prints for a year-round feeling of sunshine that lasts even through winter!

Fancy something a little stronger? Turquoise whether used sparingly or as your main palette can be sophisticated or boho depending on how you use it. Contrast it with white for a bright but elegant look or terracotta, gold and earth tones for a more eclectic and atry feel.

Or if you have installed an Equinox Tiled Conservatory roof, then why not try it on your ceiling with soft furnishing accents like this example? Simple, vibrant yet sophisticated.

Love pink? Whether you love Millennial Pink, think pink has become over-used since the Millennial Pink craze hit – or it’s just not the shade of pink for you, don’t forget pink is one of those colours that just translates beautifully into conservatories as it can be paired with just about anything. From deep aubergine, jewels, blues, pastels and greens – any conservatory is pretty in pink. Whether you use it as your main colour to reflect blossoms and roses or just make it your main upholstery theme, there’s a pink out there that is right for you.

Warm it up: Red and terracotta hues add warmth on dull days and during the winter months recalling ripe berries, poppies and roses. Add an outdoor flavour to this by pairing it with complimentary green hues for one of the most liveable and statement-making decors you can choose.


At Elglaze we’re bursting with ideas when it comes to home enhancement – not just with Equinox Tiled Conservatory roofs and conservatories but all manner of ways to improve your home and tips to make living there more enjoyable. Talk to us about the Equinox System, doors, windows or any other Elglaze Home Enhancement service.  Download our Buyer’s Guide (it’s free!). You can explore just what we do on our website. Don’t move – improve with Elglaze. We make your home – and your conservatory, just that much more liveable.

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