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Buyer’s Guide

Elglaze Buyer's Guide

The Elglaze Buyer’s Guide is a free download that helps you gather and compare prices for your home improvement projects.

We realise you’re always going to get a few prices for any home improvement project. We hope this free printable PDF download will help you make sense of all the quotes you receive.

Get to know the company you’re hiring

The download contains a handy checklist of questions to ask any company providing you with a quote. From the warranty they offer to questions about their installation service and more. You need to know as much about the company you’re taking on to install your windows and doors or installing your conservatory. Our buyer’s guide makes it really easy to remember what each company offers beyond just the price they are quoting.

We recommend getting your copy to make sure your decision is as informed as possible.

Download the guide today

Just fill out the form below and the guide will be sent direct to your inbox. You can also choose to join our mailing list at the same time. If you join, you’ll be first to hear about our offers and sales (but we never send too many emails).

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