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Choosing the right porch: 6 porch ideas for your home

Published: Wednesday 6th October 2021 | Categories: House & Home

Installing a porch for your home can have numerous benefits. Not only are they functional, but they can also be stylish too—elglaze offer several different styles of Porch, designed to fit perfectly with your existing home aesthetic. Here we briefly touch upon porch ideas for your home.

When selecting your new Porch, it is essential to consider all the different available features when picking a style that best fits your home. Below are the primary considerations that you should be aware of:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Roof design
  • Brick colour and style
  • Any added extras

However, we will not delve into these specifics here but mainly the different designs of porches in the UK.


If you’re looking for a versatile design that can be matched to any home, then the pitched roof porch may be just what you’re looking for. This style can be suitable for homes with a smaller front garden and a little less space overall.

Gable end pitched

For homes that have more space between the boundary and the highway, the Gabel end pitched Porch may offer you a little more flexibility with space and design. This porch style will often use the front peak of the Porch as the standout decorative feature. This design is achieved by using attractive cladding colours or interesting windows frame. Having a Gable end pitched roof will undoubtedly draw attention from passers-by.

Double Hipped to wall

A Double Hipped to wall porch is often seen as a more classic option. There are three downward sloping sections of a double hipped roof – one sloping downward and two off to the side. The front section is usually the largest of the three and most prominent. If you want to make a grander entrance to your home, this style should be on your list.

Double hipped to ridged

Building on the above design, the double hipped to ridged porches are for not needing to worry about space. Because of the larger size of this Porch, you can have the flexibility of adding french doors – doing this will undoubtedly add to the entrance of your home.

Single hipped

If you want a small and neat design, then single hipped porches will provide this for you. If your space comes at a premium, then this design might be what you’re looking for.


Do you have a bungalow? A flat-roofed porch could be a suitable option for you. As you would expect, there are no sloping roofs with this design, which emphasises the glazing panels instead.

So, If you’re interested in adding a porch to your home, elglaze are on hand to help you get started. You can contact the team here.


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