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Condensation in your conservatory? Learn how to get rid of it once and for all with these six tips

Published: Monday 29th March 2021 | Categories: House & Home

Although days are getting longer and slightly warmer, being in the UK means we often get freak weather patterns and unexpected cold spells. As you’re probably aware already, condensation in a conservatory occurs more frequently in the winter months. The reason being is the outside air is cold outside while your home is nice and warm on the inside.

By not mitigating condensation, we open up our homes to excess moisture and the build-up of mould.

What causes condensation in your conservatory?

Condensation in conservatories is a common problem, but why does it happen, and how can you prevent it?

Here, we’re going to outline some top tips to help prevent condensation in your conservatory.

In the UK, we tend to keep our homes extra warm and cosy in the winter by turning up the heating and keeping the windows firmly shut. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to condensation in your conservatory.

When a conservatory lacks ventilation, it results in moisture build-up in the air, commonly known as water vapour. As the vapour condenses to water by hitting colder glass panes,  a build-up of droplets in the corners of your windows or doors is often visible. These droplets are condensation and can eventually be quite problematic.

Six tips to help prevent condensation in your conservatory

The good news is you aren’t required to make too many changes to help stop condensation in your conservatory. Some steps are more involved than others, but all have their place on our list. Let’s have a quick look at how to prevent condensation in your conservatories.

Ventilation is a top priority!

Keeping your windows open slightly throughout the day with the heating on low will help air pass through the conservatory. We often frown upon draughts in our home, but in this case, they are more beneficial than detrimental. You can also specify trickle vents in the windows when buying a new conservatory. These offer ventilation with very little heat loss.

If you have the budget, you can also invest in a ceiling fan. Doing so will circulate air around the room more efficiently.

Keep the clothes drying rack outside of the conservatory

It might be pretty tempting to dry your clothes on the radiator during the winter months or on a drier inside the conservatory. However, this will increase moisture in the air and consequently cause condensation in your conservatory.

It can be beneficial to dry clothes outside on the line to help prevent this from happening. If you use a tumble drier, make sure there is plenty of ventilation (ideally vented to the outside), so moisture can escape.

Limit how many plants you have to help control condensation in your conservatory

Having a few too many plants in your conservatory can cause humidity in your conservatory to rise. If you’re a plant lover, we understand this tip may be harder to follow than others!

Get hold of a dehumidifier if you can

If condensation is persistent, then purchasing a dehumidifier can make a world of difference. This device will draw moisture out of the air to help reduce the chances of condensation forming on the conservatory’s windows and doors.

Replace your windows

If you are in a position to do so, then replacing your home or conservatory windows and doors will probably be the best option. A sign of poor insulation is the build-up of condensation on windows and doors.  Unfortunately, this can cause moisture build-up and eventually lead to dampness and mould formation. No one ever wants to see or deal with this and it can be a major cause of damage to your home.

Opting for windows with higher efficiency ratings is probably your best bet to reduce condensation and even save on energy bills.  At Elglaze, our team is on hand to help you make the best decision for your home. We have a vast range of windows you can view here.

Replace your old conservatory roof with a solid tiled rooftop

Not only does a tiled roof look more contemporary and appealing to the eye,  there’s also less cold glass for condensation to form on. It will undoubtedly make your conservatory warmer in the colder months and cooler in the warmer months. A win-win situation!

If you’re interested in upgrading your conservatory or replacing an old roof, you can find out more about our conservatory range here.

At Elglaze, we go above beyond to be the best installers of high-quality uPVC and aluminium windows, doors, and conservatories to homes in Cambridgeshire and further afield. It’s always been our aim to offer fair prices for high-quality products.


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