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Conservatory, Orangery or Equinox?

Posted: Thursday 27th July 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team

Time to extend out into the great outdoors? At Elglaze we know there’s nothing like a conservatory when you’re thinking of extending your home and creating a room that brings the outside in.


Conservatories provide a tranquil, light-drenched and luxurious extension to any home as well as bringing ‘the outside in’. They allow you to enjoy your garden 365 days a year – no matter what the weather is doing. Today’s modern glazing options mean you can control the temperature and UV exposure in your conservatory. What’s more, conservatory design has evolved and here at Elglaze we lead the way with some of the brightest and beautiful conservatories you’ll find that enhance any style of home. We design and build conservatories that reflect your home’s true character and also take in account how you will use yours. No two are ever exactly the same. Take a look at our previous work and talk to us about creating a conservatory that’s totally and uniquely yours.

Bi-fold doors on a conservatory

Orangery? So, what’s the difference? An orangery traditionally has brickwork – at the base and often as pillars at the side. Very often there is a rooflantern or skypod installed in the ceiling which floods the interior below with light but the roof is partly tiled. Elglaze can create a more robust looking orangery style conservatory that still retains all the benefits of a conservatory linking you with your garden yet giving the impression of being in a real ‘room’ in your home.

But over time our focus and how we use a room in our home can change. Children spending less time at home or empty nest syndrome, making the decision to work from home, new family additions, shifting interests can see us wanting to adapt a room for a new purpose or lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ve bought a home with an existing conservatory attached to it and have discovered that you don’t use it that much – perhaps due to being unable to regulate the temperature inside it. However, you may yearn for more usable space in your current home. Elglaze have the answer here with our Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof System.

Equinox toiled roof on a conservatory

The Equinox system turns your existing conservatory into a real home extension that functions just like any other room in your house. We ensure your Equinox roof coordinates seamlessly with the roof tiles on your home. The result is that your old conservatory looks like it has always been a structural part of your home – and now can be utilised in any way you want – year round. Installing an Equinox Tiled Roof System is easy – just watch our timelapse video and see for yourself.

Whatever option you’re thinking about, talk to Elglaze. We’re here to advise on the right option for your home, and your lifestyle that you can enjoy for years to come. Connect to us on social media as we regularly run special offers and promotions across our entire range which could end up saving you thousands on your next project. So be the first to know! We want you to #lovethehomeyoulivein. And have more space in it to do what you love. Conservatory, orangery or Equinox – with Elglaze the choice is yours.

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