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Try these conservatory updates this autumn

Published: Monday 25th October 2021 | Categories: House & Home

If your conservatory is beginning to look slightly dated, here are four ways to modernise it this autumn. The good news is that you won’t even need to replace the entire conservatory; only update certain features. You’ll be surprised by how so little can go such a long way. The look and feel of your conservatory will drastically improve by simply updating lighting, doors, roofs or adding roof lanterns. Not to mention the heating efficiency gains you’ll achieve from these updates, namely, doors and roofs.

Upgrade your conservatory doors

A fresh set of doors can make all the difference to your conservatory this autumn. You can replace your old french patio doors with something more contemporary, like bi-folding doors.

What makes bi-folding doors so popular, you ask? Well, one of the main benefits of bi-folding doors is their ability to save your living space extra room. They are designed so that multiple entries move across runners. They simply fold back on themselves. The sliding motion of bi-fold doors means they don’t open out as traditional patio doors would.

Bi-fold doors for a conservatory have great flexibility and functionality. For example, you can decide to open only one of the bi-folds instead to have a single door entrance instead of worrying about folding back every door from the set.

Upgrade or replace your conservatory roof

Equinox Vega Roof

Conservatories can get very warm in summer or extremely cold in the winter. It’s often hard to find that perfect equilibrium. However, a significant upgrade, replacing a conservatory roof, can be the answer to all your problems. Sunlight will not as easily be able to pass through a tiled conservatory roof compared to that of a polycarbonate or glass roof and therefore keep your conservatory roof cooler.

By changing your conservatory roof, you’ll be improving your thermal efficiency and reducing the cost of your heating bills due to better insulation. Sound insulation will also be enhanced and will better block out elements of heavy rain and wind.

Update your lighting

Lighting can make or break a living space. With modern lighting sets, you can quickly transform the look and feel of a conservatory.

For more traditional settings, you can utilise the modern look of a pendant lighting system. This style of light has become a chic addition to any well-designed space.

On the other hand, using recessed lights along ceiling beams creates a warm overhead glow. You can easily modify light and direct it in certain spots of the room to help create a certain mood or feel.

There are so many different styles of lights on the market today it can often be overwhelming. However, taking the time to choose the correct lighting will make all the difference to your conservatory.

Replace your old roof with a skypod or install a skylight

Skypod Conservatory - Exterior Shot

Skypods bring natural light into your space in big volumes. The amount of light that passes through a skypod conservatory roof is spectacular, creating a feeling of a lighter and larger space.

There are many different styles, such as square, pyramid, octagonal, or a traditional double hipped roof lantern. Any of these options will bring an eye-catching feature to your conservatory.

If you want to upgrade your conservatory this autumn, get┬áin touch with one of the team, and we’ll be happy to help.







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