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What Does Your Conservatory Want for Christmas?

Posted: Thursday 22nd December 2016 |Author: Elglaze Team
christmas tree

If your conservatory could write a letter to Santa what would it be asking for? Hint: Equinox! This festive season, conservatories all over the country are hoping that their householders will be looking at installing the Equinox Tiled Roof System for that extra touch of luxury and liveability that lasts all year.

Of course, we know that conservatories don’t have chimneys but until you call us in, they do have glass roofs so Santa can look inside and see what needs to be done to make your existing conservatory a warm winter-proof wonderland. Your Equinox conservatory roof means your conservatory turns into the ideal room to place your Christmas tree and if you do have a real Christmas tree then caring for it is so much easier. You can also really go to town on the decorations and see your lights reflected in your conservatory windows. Plus, when Christmas is over you can easily get your tree out into the garden without trailing needles through the rest of the house!

Seeing as we here at Elglaze are all about the environmental benefits that an Equinox roof brings you with its energy saving insulation that is ten times more efficient than A rated windows, it follows that we are all about caring for the environment too. So, if you are thinking about displaying your Christmas tree in your conservatory this year, and are thinking of buying a real tree, then why not visit the National Christmas Tree Association site to see how to properly care for it? Here are tips if you buy a Christmas tree without roots to be displayed on a stand:

Of course, we like the idea of living trees and the site also includes tips for replanting your tree if you do buy one with roots on.

This holiday season the Equinox team are Santa’s Little Helpers when it comes to making your conservatory’s Christmas wish come true. So why not call or email us and one of our friendly Elves will get back to you with an obligation-free quote?

It’s not only your conservatory that will thank you for making its Christmas wish come true. The entire family will love the benefits that the extended living space that your Equinox tiled conservatory adds no matter what the time of year. And Santa? He’s just plain envious and wants an Equinox conservatory for his North Pole house – but he can also see where you’ve left the mince pies and sherry for him in yours!

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