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Create Your Dream Conservatory Lifestyle with Elglaze!

Posted: Friday 26th May 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team

Whether your dream is to add a conservatory to your home, or to upgrade your existing one, now summer has well ad truly arrived, Elglaze can help turn that dream into reality.

When it comes to conservatory lifestyles, Elglaze really are your one-stop resource. Not only do we offer practical advice, design and planning when it comes to creating your conservatory – or the expertise to upgrade your existing one by adding an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof, Elglaze have lots of ideas on how to get the most from your conservatory right here on our blog. Whether you’re in search of decorating ideas or just how you can utilise your conservatory in new ways, we’re just brimming with ideas that don’t just apply to the warmer months but which enable you to get the most out of all that additional light and living space, all year round.

What’s more your ideal conservatory lifestyle may be more affordable than you think. There’s no doubt adding one to your home can increase the value of your property by around 7%. If that was not incentive enough, Elglaze run special promotions throughout the year to put that dream within your grasp. For example, our Spring Conservatory Offer which we extended to the end of May, gave you not just 30% off a new conservatory, but an additional 10% on top of that as well! Elglaze continually run special offers throughout the year so keep abreast of what’s going on by checking our website, blog and social media updates. Follow us to be the first to hear about ways to enhance your home and your lifestyle and save money at the same time. Our Pinterest boards are filled with even more inspiration – everything from windows to doors, extensions, canopies and yes – conservatories. Not just our own work but inspiring conservatories from around the world you can draw on for inspiration. And don’t forget, when it comes to designing a conservatory that suits you, Elglaze offer a bespoke design service.

Of course, getting more use from your existing conservatory could involve adding that tiled roof to it. Available in a range of styles and finishes to blend seamlessly with your existing tiled roof, the Equinox System can be the perfect, affordable way to extend not just the use of your conservatory, but your home too!

Beautiful home enhancement ideas, know-how and expertise begins with Elglaze. So, no matter what you have in mind, creating that lifestyle is not just a dream – Elglaze makes it happen. Call or contact us for a completely obligation-free chat. Get more from your home with Elglaze. It’s why we say – #dontmoveimprovewithelg

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