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Create a Fresh Living Space with Elglaze Extensions & Conservatories

Posted: Thursday 12th October 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
bi-folding doors

Thinking of extending? No matter the space or style of home – or the design of your extension, Elglaze have the answer when it comes to creating a fresh space that is bright, light, attractive and filled with warmth – year round.

Home extensions and conservatories not only provide additional light and space, they also improve both your home – and your lifestyle. When designing an extension or even a conservatory, it’s important that the end result compliments your home as well as increasing its available space. Many homeowners today are opting for extensions and conservatories that are a dramatic contrast to their existing home, yet their very contrast dramatically enhances its character.

Creating that extra space goes beyond coming up with a design that sets your home apart. You want your new space to feel a certain way too. Bright, light, warm and inviting – no matter what the season or what the weather is up to outside. At Elglaze we take all this into consideration when working with you to create that living space.

Plus we also take into consideration all aspects of designing your extension. Such as the area it will occupy. Often it’s not as simple as just adding a ‘room’ on to your home. It may have to be designed to fit into a specific area which is bounded by say, your neighbour’s wall or be made to nestle in a small courtyard space. We know that no two spaces are ever the same – just as no two extensions or conservatories are.

Once installed, your new extension will quickly become your favourite room in the house. You probably won’t remember what life was like before you added it. Just like if you opt to add bi-fold doors to your design, you will have no idea how you lived without those either! If there’s one addition you can make to your design, it should be bi-folds. Bi-folds create a smooth transition between your extension and the outdoors. Chances are, you will have a paved area, deck or patio right outside where your extension is built. Suddenly you’ve created a space that’s perfect for al fresco dining in the summer months. And in the winter when your bi-folds are closed – you still get all the benefits of that extra light and views of your garden.  Bi-folds glide open at the touch of a hand. But Elglaze bi-folds are all fitted with security bolts for additional reassurance.

The Elglaze team offers you all the expertise and the resources to make planning and installing your new extension or conservatory an easy, stress-free and surprisingly affordable process. Take a look at some of our past projects here. Right now we’re offering a big discount on all conservatory installations booked for early 2018. Increase your living space and enhance your home – and your lifestyle and save money too. All conservatories booked for an early new year install will receive 30% – plus an additional 10% early booking discount.

The Elglaze team can help you in choosing the perfect design for your taste, your property and your lifestyle. Plus we manage every aspect of the project for you. From planning and design to individual details such as bi-folds or skypods; to handling any regulations and of course – the build itself. Elglaze ensure extending your home is stress-free and all handled smoothly and with the minimum disruption so you get to enjoy all that extra space sooner – and a big discount for early booking.

Talk to us or request a callback at a time that suits you. And start creating that fresh living space for 2018.

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