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The Equinox Guide to Creating a Four Seasons Room

Posted: Monday 2nd January 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
conservatory furniture

One thing about adding an Equinox tiled roof to your existing conservatory is that you turn it into a room for all seasons. 

So, once the transformation has taken place (and we make this as easy as possible – why not watch our timelapse video and see?), when it comes to décor, don’t limit yourself.

It’s all too easy to continue to think of your conservatory as just that – and hang on to that garden furniture you’ve already got in there. After all, if mould or damp has been a problem with your conservatory in the past, it’s highly unlikely you would want to subject your regular upholstery to that. But once your Equinox tiled roof is installed – things are very different. You can now treat your conservatory just as you would any other room in your home – and decorate it accordingly. Roll out the cushy sofas and arm chairs. The formal dining table for added elegance. Or maybe you love the cottage look?


You can strike a balance between the rattan look that’s popular for many conservatories and traditional indoor furnishings by fusing rattan with soft, plump upholstery. But no matter which way your decorating style leans, creating a room for all seasons in your Equinox roofed conservatory is just the excuse you need to let your creativity flow. Start by thinking about exactly how you will utilise that extra living space – and take it from there. The uses your put your conservatory to will dictate exactly how you furnish it – but you decide in what style.

Inspired and keen to get the whole process happening? Contact us for more information or to arrange an obligation-free quote. Make 2017 your year to create a space in your home for true four seasons living. We’re ready to help you create the lifestyle you need – all under one roof.

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