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The Equinox Guide to Making Your Conservatory More Enjoyable

Posted: Friday 21st April 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
Choosing the best Floors For the Conservatory

What comes immediately to mind when you think about your conservatory? A way to extend the living space in your home? Add value to your property? Lots of natural light perhaps with the added ability to grow things? Usually we have a vision of how we will use our conservatory but one thing our vision may not include is abandoning it during the winter months due to it being too cold or difficult to heat. We’ll have more to say about that shortly. But for now, the better weather is here so let’s look at our favourite ways to make your conservatory more enjoyable and get more use out of it as you do.

  1. Get Floored: Most conservatories have a concrete floor. Concrete tends to absorb heat which makes it difficult to regulate the temperature of your conservatory in any season but certainly has a big role to play in winter. Getting more from your conservatory can begin with something as simple as adding a new floor covering. Tiles are a good place to begin and if you like the traditional conservatory look (even if you have a modern conservatory) you can certainly create this with tiles. Wood flooring is another option as are carpets but you need to ensure your conservatory is damp-proof before laying carpets
  2. Come dine with me: From breakfast room to fine dining, the additional light in conservatories relaxes everyone and tends to make for an enjoyable mealtime experience. Choose a dining set that reflects the style of your conservatory and go for lighter, brighter options. If quality time with the family at mealtimes is something you want to establish, the great thing about turning your conservatory into your dining area is that distractions like the TV are usually in another part of the house. Or maybe you yearn for a ‘grown-ups only’ dining area? This could be your chance.
  3. Work, hobby or study area: Conservatories allow us to separate an activity from the rest of the home. You can have all the benefits of being productive yet surround yourself with home comforts. Study, create or just make those phone calls without being disturbed – or disturbing others for that matter. You can create a space that varies from the functional to the luxurious – and anything in between. And you don’t even have to commute as far as the kettle. You can bring that in with you.
  4. Media room: Movies, games, books – even collectables. Chances are if you have these you’ve invested a lot in them. Or maybe you’re just tired of squabbling over the TV with the kids. Now the Playstation can have a place of its own or else you can create a media room from heaven by installing a TV and that DVD/game collection in your conservatory. Once upon a time a media room would have been something only celebrities had in their homes. If you have a conservatory however, creating one may be easier than you think. Think comfy, casual seating, somewhere to put drinks and snacks or even bean bags. And as for that collection of Dr. Who figures – now’s your chance to display them properly.
  5. Play area: If you have young children, then conservatories lend themselves perfectly to creating the ultimate play area when toys can be left out and kids can have fun – especially during bad weather. When the weather is cooperating however, the fun can easily spill outside into the garden. Turning your conservatory into a playroom enables you to not just keep the kids amused, but also to keep the rest of the house tidy.
  6. Installing an Equinox Tiled Roof: We saved our top tip for getting more out of your conservatory until last. The fact is, you probably invested a lot of money in your conservatory. Or, if your conservatory was inherited when you moved in to your home, chances are you bought it because you had plenty of ideas about how you would use it.  However, if your conservatory has turned into a ‘room for one season’ because it’s impossible or expensive to heat it during the colder weather, or it has just not turned out to be as usable as you imagined, then Equinox could be your answer. Equinox Tiled Conservatory roofs allow you to retain all the benefits of your conservatory – the additional light and extra living space – with none of the down-sides. Say goodbye to a room you can only use for part of the year as Equinox transforms your conservatory into an environment whose temperature you can regulate –  all year round.

A seamless, beautiful Equinox tiled roof not only means your conservatory looks like a real home extension, but that you no longer have to worry about damp or cleaning and maintaining a glass roof.

Add up the ways your conservatory enhances your home, and then add on the ways Equinox can enhance your conservatory. Elglaze aren’t just about home improvement. We’re about home and lifestyle enhancement. Talk to us about enhancing your conservatory with Equinox. Need more inspiration? For the latest in conservatory, windows and home enhancement ideas follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Don’t move – improve with Elglaze.

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