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Get Ready For Spring: Refurbishing Your Conservatory

Posted: Tuesday 21st February 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
equinox roof

Conservatory looking a little tired or in need of an upgrade? Or perhaps it is more than that – you have not only not got the use out of your conservatory you originally hoped, but your conservatory is no longer enhancing your home the way you thought it would. Or you may have discovered that keeping that roof clean and in good repair requires more effort than you originally thought. At Elglaze

we often have enquiries from customers in these situations who are considering about replacing their existing conservatory entirely with a new one. If you are in a position where you are thinking about replacing your conservatory entirely or else just unhappy with the amount of use you get from it and the maintenance involved, talk to Elglaze about installing an Equinox tiled conservatory roof first.

The results can be not only dramatic – but cost effective when compared with totally replacing your existing conservatory. The Equinox system turns your conservatory into a REAL room in your house – which you can utilise year round just like any other. There’s no more cleaning or high maintenance to keep the glass clean and in good repair and installing an Equinox roof on your conservatory means you are saving on your energy bills as well.

On top of that there is the aesthetic appeal that adding at tiled roof to your conservatory brings. Elglaze ensure that the tiles match those of your home so your conservatory now takes on the appearance of an integrated home extension, adding real value to your property.


No matter how compact or large your conservatory is, the results can be nothing short of dramatic. Plus, if you enjoy the view of the sky that your conservatory gives you, you don’t necessarily have to do away with it entirely. The beauty of the Equinox system is that we can install strategically placed low maintenance rooflights into your new conservatory roof. This allows you to retain all the benefits of a glazed roof but with none of the down-sides – literally as you can flood the interior of your new roofed extension with light but control the temperature and save energy.

So, before you decide to replace your conservatory entirely, talk to Elglaze about just how home and lifestyle enhancing adding an Equinox tiled conservatory roof can be. We’re full of ideas when it comes to conservatory living – and adding value to your existing conservatory – and your home. When it comes to conservatory living – Equinox really does have the answer.

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