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Get your Roof Reindeer Ready with Elglaze!

Posted: Wednesday 22nd November 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
Chrismas offer

Santa Claus is coming to town! The festive season is about to start culminating of course, in a visit from Santa. Now is the time to take a look – or look up, towards the roof of your house and make sure it’s reindeer ready.  Are your soffits and fascias Rudolph-ready? You’d be surprised at the role they play in protecting your rafters and roofspace – not just from a bumpy sleigh landing, but the elements too.

What are Soffits and Fascias?

Fascias are the long, straight boards that run directly below your roofline. They are attached directly to the roof trusses, and support the bottom row of tiles on your roof. They also provide the surface on to which your guttering is fixed.

Soffits are the boards underneath the fascia. When you look up they are the most visible and easy to see. Soffits can provide ventilation to your roofspace, preventing condensation forming which can lead to timber decay.

Both soffits and fascias do an important job in protecting the roof of your home yet they often go unnoticed or overlooked. Old and weathered soffits and fascias not only spoil the look of your home, but can affect the value of your property. It’s more than just making your home look shabby. If your soffits and fascias are no longer doing their job, this can result in serious and expensive damage to your roof rafters – with or without a sleigh landing on them.

Let’s face it, the area immediately under your roof is a difficult to access location. Which is why your soffits and fascias need to be durable, weather-resistant and manufactured to last. Our range of roofline products is manufactured from uPVC which means they don’t rot, warp or crack. Plus they come in a wide range of colours and woodgrain finishes to coordinate perfectly with the rest of your home – Ho Ho Ho!

Elglaze roofline products including guttering, can give your property a new lease of life. So, if you look up and see your soffits, fascias or guttering needs replacing, don’t wait for Santa to visit. You can browse our range online, even get an on-line estimate or call us for more information.

It’s Jingle Bell Time at Elglaze!

Don’t forget our Christmas Draw. Santa could come early for Elglaze customers who order their new doors, windows or conservatory before December 15. They’ll receive free entry into our Christmas prize draw. There’s fabulous prizes to be won, plus you can join us for the draw and a mince pie (or three) plus some mulled wine. Details are on our site.

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