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Give Your Home the Ultimate Face-Lift: Your Guide to Bi-Folding Doors

Posted: Thursday 10th August 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
white aluminium bi-folding doors

Whether you’ve a contemporary or even a period property, there is one home enhancement you can undertake which is guaranteed to add the instant wow factor and which adds both value and a sense of space. And that’s installing bi-fold doors.

Beautiful, elegant and also practical, bi-folds transform even the most ordinary home into one that is fresh, contemporary and above all, spacious. The result is an instant face-lift to any home. Older homes become exciting and contemporary again while tired or even exteriors are transformed into something truly special. Bi-folds can be installed to replace existing and outdated windows, doors or even sold walls, creating a similar feel to that of a conservatory while maintaining the integrity of your home. You create that open feeling of ‘bringing the outside in’ – without sacrificing space or even your ability to control the temperature within.

Installing bi-folds can feel like you’ve added a conservatory or even a home extension. Not only that, the additional light bi-folds channel into your home can make interiors seem so much bigger. You may find yourself getting more use out of the area where the bi-folds have been added. Not to mention enjoying seamless access to your outdoors.

Unlike old sliding doors, bi-folds have been proven to add real value to a property – with the added bonus of making your home stand out from its neighbours. ROI is an important consideration when undertaking any kind of home improvement – regardless of whether you stay put for years or decide to eventually sell. Of course, the increased quality of light and living space from installing bi-folds in the first place may be enough of a return. Quality bi-fold doors have shown to be just as if not more, appealing to potential buyers as conservatories or other extensions – without requiring as much outlay.

For most properties, installing bi-folds comes under ‘Permitted Development’. Just like replacing or installing any other kind of doors or windows. However, if you live in a listed property or a conservation area, you will need to check with your local planning authority first. The good news about bi-folds, however, is that planning permission is usually granted provided any changes do to affect the front or principal elevation of the house. As bi-folds are usually installed at the back of a home, permission is usually granted.

Want to give your home the bi-fold nip and tuck face lift? Talk to Elglaze, send us an email or even request a callback via our callback page. Bifolds – one more reason to #lovethehomeyoulivein – or fall in love with it all over again.


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