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What Goes Up Must Come Down – Get Floored in Your Equinox Conservatory!

Posted: Wednesday 4th January 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
wooden conservatory floor

We’ve been so focussed on looking at all the obvious benefits adding an Equinox Tiled Roof System to your existing conservatory brings you – such as all-seasons extra living space and the energy saving benefits, we’ve overlooked discussing one obvious one.

Your conservatory floor.

Adding an Equinox tiled roof to your conservatory also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your conservatory floor if needed. When we don’t fully utilise our conservatories year-round simply because they are not 365 day a year livable areas, chances are the flooring isn’t something we pay too much attention to. Whatever basic flooring that was put in during the installation is good enough. Perhaps we add the odd cheap rug – one we won’t weep over if it gets too worn or subjected to the change of seasons or an ‘outdoor’ rug designed to withstand damp and mould. But that’s about it.

Fitting an Equinox tiled roof to your conservatory changes all that. Your conservatory is now like any other room in your home – and you can treat the floor in a similar way. Perhaps it’s time to extend the same style of floor you have in your home out into your conservatory? That timber flooring you have in the rest of the house now works perfectly and provides a seamless transition from the main house to your extension.

Or would you prefer some tiles? You can either opt for the traditional conservatory tiling look or even flagstones.

Some people even install under-floor heating in their Equinox upgraded conservatory. After all, if you’re going to be spending more time in it, you may as well feel the same as you do in the rest of your home.


However, once you have your conservatory roof installed, gorgeous carpeting rather than a throw-away rug is now an option. So why not invest in that touch of luxury that brings a splash of colour that you can sink your toes into – summer or winter?

When it comes to the benefits that an Equinox Tiled Roof brings – we think you’ll love the floor to ceiling year-round liveability. Talk to us about how raising your conservatory roof gives you down-to-earth benefits.  We think you’ll just be floored by the improvement!

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