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Published: Monday 11th March 2024 | Categories: House & Home

You already know that Elglaze has been installing exceptional quality, UK-made uPVC windows since 1983. But did you know that we also provide a wide array of additional home improvements? One of the most recent additions to our suite of services are Integral Blinds.

If the aim is to finish your property to a high-spec, then Integral Blinds are somewhat of a no-brainer. Sleek, durable, and seamlessly built into your windows, they epitomise convenience and style. Once the windows are installed, you’re done—enjoying a blend of elegance and functionality with no extra effort.

What are Integral Blinds?

Integral blinds are, quite literally, blinds integrated into your windows. Unlike traditional blinds, integral blinds are cleverly enclosed within the double-glazed units of your windows and doors. This means the blinds operate smoothly within the glass, with no external cords or slats to clean. Designed for those of us who like an easy life and an organised, tidy finish.

How do integral blinds work?

At the heart of integral blinds is a beautifully simple yet effective mechanism. Whether you opt for the manual, magnetic, or motorised controls, adjusting the light and privacy levels in your room becomes effortless. With just a gentle slide or push of a button, you can tilt, raise, or lower the blinds to suit your needs at any moment—without ever touching the blinds themselves. This integration not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your windows and doors by offering a clean, uncluttered look but also brings with it practicality.


Integral blinds are perfect for maintaining a clean environment; since they’re sealed within the glass, dust and dirt are no longer concerns. Moreover, the durability of these blinds is unmatched. Protected from the elements and everyday wear and tear, they stand the test of time, keeping their looks and functionality intact for years. Whether it’s the relentless sun or curious little hands, integral blinds remain unaffected. We consider these to be the last word in a faff-free finish to your new windows!

A safer alternative to traditional blinds

They also offer much greater peace of mind for those with young folks in their home. There’s no strangulation hazards as all cords are housed within the glazed units. In essence, integral blinds represent a leap forward in both design, utility and safety.

Energy conservation

Integral blinds can play a significant role in increasing the thermal efficiency of your windows. By controlling the amount of sunlight entering your home, they help maintain a consistent indoor temperature. During the summer, the blinds can be closed to reflect heat and reduce the need for air conditioning. In winter, they can be opened to allow natural sunlight to warm your home, reducing heating demands.

These small changes can have a long-term impact on your energy bill outlay. Spending less on energy is absolutely a primary concern for most and these blinds can play a part in that reduction.

Greater control with integral blinds

Moreover, they give you greater control over how your space feels. Curtains are open or closed, roller blinds are up or down. Integral venetian blinds give you greater ability to more finely adjust the light entering your home.

What about light?

For light sleepers, the ability to effectively block light is essential. Our integral blackout blinds offer an incredible level of blackout in comparison to other blinds fitted after a window installation. The precision design and finish – with blinds reaching the edges of the glazed-units – means your space can be next to pitch black, whatever the time of day.

But I already had my windows installed!

Fear not. Integral blinds can be added to your existing uPVC profiles, its simply a case of swapping out the glazed units. In fact, although it requires expertise to install the units, it’s often a quicker job than the installation of blinds to the window opening. And the finish is so much cleaner.

Take a look at the options available on our Integral Blinds page and if you’d like a consultation on next steps and getting your windows fitted, our team are on-hand to take you through the process and give you a completely no-obligation quote.

And don’t forget we have an additional 10% off all orders until the end of April 2024, so now is the time to make that change to your home. Get in touch today, make a saving and make your home your own.


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