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Keeping the Sparkle: Professional Tips on How to Clean Your Conservatory

Posted: Tuesday 7th February 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
cleaning windows image

If you’ve installed an Equinox Tiled Roof System to your existing conservatory, then keeping the roof of your conservatory clean and free of debris is no longer a problem for you. However, with any conservatory whether it has a tiled roof or not, there’s always the problem of keeping all that glass shining and streak-free.

Keeping your conservatory glass clean is essential when it comes to it looking brand new. It’s important to treat it just like you would any other part of your home. So, Elglaze have put together some tips from professionals on how to maintain your conservatory and ensure you continue to enjoy it for years to come.

If you’ve yet to install an Equinox Tiled Roof in your conservatory, then mould and mildew can be problems that need addressing on a regular basis. Don’t wait until they have a chance to build up especially around the edges of window frames. Often when this happens this is a sign of a poorly ventilated conservatory – one thing adding an Equinox Tiled Roof can fix. If you’ve yet to take that step however, then ensure you make it very difficult for the mould to take hold. There is no need to resort to harsh chemicals. Washing your windows, frames and door frames with warm water and white vinegar will not only leave glass sparkling, but will kill black mould and also prevent it from recurring.

Need to judge just how much cleaning you need to do? Here’s a professional tip: first clean your conservatory windows from the outside. Again, you don’t necessarily have to go buy commercial window cleaning solution if you don’t want to, warm water and white vinegar works just fine. But by cleaning the outside first and allowing it to dry, you can then see exactly where the dirt and smears are on the inside. So, work from the outside in when cleaning your conservatory – and in fact this rule works for all the windows in your home. And it will save you a lot of time and elbow grease!

If your conservatory has a glass roof then you will need a ladder and possibly a pressure hose to hose off any leaves or other debris. Make sure you have someone on hand to hold the ladder and assist if necessary. Of course, at this point those with Equinox Tiled Roofs on their conservatories probably have their feet up and are admiring their handiwork. But don’t forget the gutters either!


Cleaning your conservatory floor is obviously dictated by the type of flooring you have. If you have or have hired a pressure hose and have a flagstone floor then you can take this opportunity to move out your furniture and give it a good clean. However, Equinox roof owners can install fitted carpets, wood flooring and even under-floor heating which means they can treat their floor just like any other room in the house and a quick vacuum or mopping will suffice.

When it comes to anything to do with maintaining your conservatory, our rule of thumb at Elglaze is always work from the outside in. Which is exactly how an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof System works – sealing in the benefits of conservatory living. Ready to talk conservatories and the Equinox system? Contact Elglaze. We’ll install the sparkle.




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