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Knocking on Heaven’s Door. What the Right Front Door Says About Your Home

Posted: Monday 2nd October 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
White uPVC Door

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right front door for your home.  Although it may not be the largest or most expensive home improvement project you undertake, your front door makes an important statement about your home – and the people who live there.

At Elglaze we’re all too aware that practical factors need to be balanced with aesthetics and also individuality and kerb appeal. Ask any estate agent and they will tell you that the wrong front door can seriously devalue your home. A front door is what makes the first impression in many cases.

Of course, you need a front door that is strong and secure. This is after all the entrance to your home. You also need a front door that is durable and weather-resistant. And also one that sets your home apart from those of its neighbours. What do you need your door to say? Take a look at your existing front door. Is the paint faded or peeling? Does it look a little dated? Did you inherit the front door when you bought your home? Often because we see something every day, we take it for granted and don’t really look closely anymore. After all, you’re going in and out of your front door all the time. But what happens if you step back and look at it with fresh eyes – like a visitor or passer-by perhaps? Chances are you may now view your front door quite differently!

If it’s time to upgrade your front door, Elglaze are here to help. Our range of front doors is second to none and there’s one that is the perfect, distinctive match for your style of home. As we’ve said, while upgrading your front door may not be the biggest nor most expensive home improvement project you undertake, a front door is still a big investment.  There is no point in buying a cheap front door however.

The Elglaze range of front doors are manufactured from quality materials which are designed to stand the tests of time, weather and everyday use. All front doors in our extensive range are not only draught-proof and soundproof and designed to be energy-efficient,  but also offer enhanced security. With a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from, you can have not just a front door which adds distinction to the front of your home, but one that truly reflects your property’s character. Elglaze doors are specially finished so their colours won’t fade or discolour over time. That white door stays white. Those beautiful colours and finishes remain as vibrant and eye-catching as the day your door was installed.

Your home is your piece of heaven. There’s a door that’s the perfect match for it in the Elglaze range whether you live in a period or more contemporary home. So make sure your create a heavenly entrance with Elglaze. You can browse examples of our extensive range on our website. And our new estimate tool even allows you to calculate the costs.  Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? The Elglaze team is here to help. Call us or arrange for a callback and let’s talk doors -and your entryway to your very own slice of heaven.  All our quotes are obligation free. When it comes to home improvement, the doors at Elglaze are always open. #lovethehomeyoulivein

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