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Lighting up Your Conservatory Under an Equinox Tiled Roof

Posted: Friday 3rd February 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
paper lanterns

If you are thinking of installing an Equinox tiled roof system to your existing conservatory or even thinking about it, then one of the benefits of doing this is the opportunity to install some wonderful lighting features.

After all, you’ve just turned or are about to turn your conservatory into a room which is just as functional as any other room in your house. You are now no longer limited to using your conservatory only during daylight hours which is the limitations many conservatory owners discover they are facing. Not to mention of course the fact that the outside temperature can also dictate the amount of time you spend in there even in daylight hours. All those considerations are a thing of the past when you have an Equinox tiled roof in place!

Lighting up your conservatory allows you to get create with your lighting features. You can also opt for a style of light fitting that is different to the rest of the house if you desire. Perhaps your home has recessed lighting or modern light fittings but there’s a part of your soul which yearns for a chandelier? Well, the good news is that your conservatory now allows you to indulge your creative side and look at different types of lights without clashing with or you having to alter the lighting in the rest of your home.

Creating a great interior in your conservatory often begins with the lighting once your Equinox roof is in place. Pendant lights are a popular choice as they come in an almost unlimited choice of colours and styles – glass, metal, industrial chic and retro.

A colourful and cost-effective option is paper lanterns. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colours which you can mix and match effectively to put your individual stamp on your conservatory – and they look pretty. Because there are so many colours available, you can easily co-ordindate them with your furniture – or replace them if needed.

Not just for Christmas, fairy lights look wonderful in your conservatory whether you have a tiled one or not! Of course, if you are in your conservatory at night, you will need additional lighting for reading or other tasks, but fairy lights add sparkle to any room and there’s nothing like seeing that twinkle through your conservatory windows from the outside. Here’s a clever idea: buy battery powered LED fairylights and create your own unique lamp feature by putting them into a preserves jar and placing them either in the windows or on a table for an instant ‘Wow!’ effect.

Or you can turn fairy lights into a sign on the rear wall of your conservatory – as in this example- after all, we know you’ll love your conservatory after your Equinox roof is installed!

Of course, what your soul may be yearning for is a chandelier. And once again there are so many styles to choose from – from traditional to contemporary – and even it seems a recycled Barbie chandelier. Chandeliers range in price from about £40 and up so if this is your vision, there is a chandelier that you are going to love hanging around under that is perfect for your budget, your style and your conservatory. If you love the vintage/retro look then try eBay, antique and vintage fairs and shops and you could just find a bargain and that totally unique feature that sets your new roofed conservatory apart.

Ready to talk Equinox tiled conservatory roofs? Call or contact us. We’ll put the roof on – you bring the light.



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