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Making an Entrance With Porch Power

Posted: Wednesday 23rd August 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
white porch

Let’s talk about porches. There’s something comforting and also elegant about a home with a porch. Porches say ‘Welcome’ – inviting guests into your home and also ‘You’re home’ to family members. Adding a porch is more than just about increasing kerb appeal. Porches are one of the most multi-functional home extensions we can add to our home.

First of all, porches add style and individuality. They can enhance our home’s appearance or even in some cases, create it. If our home has very little to distinguish it from those of our neighbours, a  keeping with your property can be a real asset.

It all begins with design. You need a porch that complements the style of your home. With Elglaze the design possibilities are endless. From an extensive range of doors, to window style and also colours. Add distinctive details such as Elglaze can help you design a porch that is functional, eye-catching and sets your home apart.

The benefits a porch brings begins with uplifting your home’s appearance and include enhanced security. A porch adds an extra level between your front door and the street. It allows you to see who is at your door and when you’re not home, guards it. All Elglaze doors, windows and locks are subjected to simulated break-in attempts. Our doors incorporate multi-point locking and our porch windows are internally beaded which means they cannot be removed from the outside.

Porches offer additional space and act as a barrier – for anything from the weather to those muddy boots! Your porch can even function like a mini-conservatory with plants and seating depending on its size. Porches also offer an additional level of insulation allowing your home to retain more heat – plus all our porch glazing comes with a standardised B energy rating making them an efficient choice.

All our porches are individually designed to meet your needs and specifications and match the style of your home. What’s more, in most cases you won’t need planning permission as porches usually fall under Permitted Development. There are some exceptions such as your porch being over three square metres, but the Elglaze team are here to advise you on all aspects of designing and installing your perfect porch. You can also see more examples of our porches here on our site.

When you total up the benefits, porches can be one of the best investments you can make when it comes to upgrading your home.  Talk to Elglaze about porch power and all the other ways we can enhance your home and your living space because at Elglaze we want you to #lovethehomeyoulovein


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