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Opening Windows & Conservatory Living With Elglaze This Spring!

Posted: Monday 3rd April 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team

Updating your conservatory by installing an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof System isn’t the only option when it comes to home enhancement from Elglaze. Of course, with spring now having well and truly arrived, spending more time in your conservatory is very much on the agenda. So,  if you are contemplating making your existing conservatory that much more four-seasonal and extending its use throughout the year, there really isn’t a better time to install an Equinox roof. To see how easy the process is, click here and watch our incredible installation time-lapse video.

However, at Elglaze we’re about far more than Equinox – or even conservatories although we do both extremely well. Elglaze is your one-stop shop for home enhancement. Spring often reveals where our home is in need of an update and Elglaze offer more than just conservatory makeovers. Let’s talk windows as these can be one of the most effective ways to enhance your home – both in terms of exterior and interior benefits.

Is it just the look of your home you want to update or is noise reduction and thermal insulation also a factor? Elglaze offer double and triple glazing options to reduce noise, heat loss and also things like condensation. Perhaps you own a period property and are concerned about how modern windows would affect the look of your home? The good news is that today’s glazing advancements have resulted in slimmer double glazing units which look exactly like original Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian windows when installed. So, you don’t have to sacrifice the authentic period look for contemporary innovation. You can have both.

Just like adding an Equinox Tiled Roof to your existing conservatory can boost your property’s appeal, new windows can do the same thing. Equinox roof tiles come in a range of colours and styles so they match your existing home roof seamlessly. So, once installed they give the impression that your conservatory is just like any other home extension – which of course it now is. Very often windows have been replaced at different times and by different owners, resulting in a mis-matched look that ruins the external façade of your home. Spring is a wonderful time to choose new, coordinated frames – perhaps to match with your conservatory and to give your home a wonderful, seamless, home enhancing look.

Ready to talk home enhancing facelifts? Whether you are interested in an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof, new windows, doors or guttering or even adding a conservatory to your home, Elglaze are your one-stop home enhancement experts. Talk to us. We’re just brimming with ideas to suit your home – and your budget this spring.


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