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Our foolproof process to clean your windows ready for spring.

Posted: Tuesday 13th March 2018 |Author: Elglaze Team
Window cleaning

Now that the snow dumped on the UK by the Beast from the East has passed, what state has your glazing been left in? Snow and rain can leave a layer of dirt on your windows that can be imperceptible, but once you’ve cleaned them you’ll wonder how you didn’t notice.

In this post, we give our tips on the best way to clean your windows, outside and in to leave a streak free finish and get that natural light flooding back into your property during the spring.

Cleaning the Outside of your windows


Starting right

There are many window cleaning products on the market, but we find nothing quite beats a simple solution of warm, mildly soapy water.

You will want a soft sponge for washing and something to dry the windows after cleaning – a chamois leather will leave a beautiful finish, or better still a rubber squeegee takes a lot of effort away.

The process

Make sure you clean your windows in the morning or early evening. Basically, you want to avoid cleaning the windows when they are hot, so make sure the heat of the day has died down before you start.

We begin by rinsing the windows with clear water to remove debris and particles from the surface of the glass. This avoids any particles abrading the glass during cleaning.

Next, clean the glass with the warm soapy water using your sponge. We prefer warm soapy water to a standard window cleaning solution as this helps to break down guano and other stubborn stains. If you find any paint splats on your glass, you can use the edge of a razor blade to gently scrape the paint from the surface.

Once clean, rinse the rooflight once more with clear water to remove the suds.

Finally, use the chamois or your rubber squeegee to remove the excess water and you should be left with a streak free finish!

Cleaning the inside of your windows

Spray Bottles

Window cleaning solution

It’s often not practical to use the warm water method on the inside of your windows, and the inside of your glazing is not subject to the rigours of the weather, so we recommend using either a store bought window cleaning solution (think, Windowlene or similar) or for a more eco friendly (and some say better overall) approach, a simple solution of 50% water / 50% white vinegar in a spray bottle works amazingly well.

The process

Spray the surface of the glass with the solution and leave for a few moments to allow the vinegar to break down any grease and dirt before proceeding to clean the window with the tool of your choice.

What’s the best tool for the job?

If you’re not using a squeegee, you should use a lint free cloth to clean your windows. Microfibre cloths are great for this job or if you want to keep it classic, newspaper is fantastic for leaving a streak free finish. It might leave your hands a bit grubby though!

We hope these tips help make your windows sparkle!

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