Oasis Plant Nursery – Top Plant Recommendations for Conservatories

Published: Thursday 28th April 2022 | Categories: House & Home

We delved into our archives and found a video we almost forgot about, sorry! Our team popped by Oasis Plant Nursery in Willingham and spent the day chatting about plants and which are best for your conservatory.

As you’re probably aware, conservatories can bring in lots of natural light. Certain plants can thrive in a conservatory setting with all this natural light.

If you want to bring more plants into your conservatory, please do watch the video below to see Oasis Plant Nursery’s best plants for conservatories.

Indoor plants are making a big comeback with people’s outside space shrinking and their health benefits.

Oasis Plant Nursery stocks houseplants to suit all aspects, including Dracena, Yucca, Ficus, Calathera, Orchids, Bromeliads, Howea palms, Monstera, Areca palm, Dieffenbachia, Bonsai, Anthurium, Sansevieria and Tradescantia.


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