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Equinox Vega Tiled Conservatory Roof

Equinox Vega Roof

The Equinox Vega tiled conservatory roof is the latest addition to our range of conservatory options. It offers the same benefits as our classic Equinox tiled roof but with the addition of large glazing panels (up to 1000mm wide) that run from the ridge to the ring beam. The glazed panels bring an abundance of natural light into your home and offer a fresh, architectural style to your conservatory.

The glazing in the Equinox Vega roof sits flush with the roof tiles. This is in contrast to traditional roof glazing options such as Velux windows where the frame sits proud of the tiles or Skypod roof lanterns which sit on top of a flat roof. the Equinox Vega brings the good looks and energy efficiency of a tiled roof with together with the natural light benefits of a traditional glazed conservatory roof.

Equinox Vega Roof


Luxury, style and fast fitting

Our Equinox Vega tiled roofs are designed to blend seamlessly with your home. We offer tile options that can match your existing roof and make a bespoke conservatory work beautifully with your property. Installation is fast and fuss-free. You can even refresh an existing conservatory by replacing the roof with an Equinox Vega. Our team can advise if this option will work with the conservatory you have – get in touch with us here.  The internal structure of your new roof can be finished flush with plasterboard or with a patterned technique therefore leaving it free to decorate however you wish.

Roof structure and materials

The design of the Equinox tiled roof makes it highly energy efficient. The following cross-section shows the materials that make up the roof to give it superior thermal insulation properties;

Equinox Roof Cross Section

A 100mm layer of Stylite Plustherm along with a 60mm layer of PIR insulation gives the roof excellent energy efficiency and the ventilation points and breather membrane keep the roof free from damp.

Fits any conservatory

Equinox tiled roof systems will fit any style of conservatory, big or small, no matter the design. The tiles are available in four styles and the interior can be finished to your preference.

Request a quote

Our team are available to give you a quote for your new conservatory. We can even meet safely over video chat. Give us a call on your local number or book an appointment here.


Watch a complete install of an Equinox Tiled roof

We recently filmed a timelapse of a complete install of an Equinox tiled roof on an existing conservatory. The video shows the existing conservatory roof being removed and the Equinox replacement being installed. Take a look now and see how straightforward it can be to transform your conservatory.

Benefits of the Equinox System

  • An affordable way to update your existing conservatory
  • Consistent comfort all year round
  • Fully insulated to maintain a more consistent temperature
  • Reduces glare from the sun and noise from the rain
  • A range of finishes and colours to match your existing house roof
  • Elglaze expert fitters ensure a perfect finish with minimal disruption
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Examples of our Equinox Vega Tiled Conservatory Roof

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