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Raise the Roof in Your Conservatory This Spring With Equinox

Posted: Wednesday 12th April 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
conservatory interior

Conservatories tend to be seen as bridges between the interior of your home and the outside. So, as the seasons shift and when the weather worsens, we tend to shift indoors, using our conservatories less or not at all. Spring not only brings better weather but a migration back into the conservatory again. 

Darker days, colder weather often means a conservatory has been left unloved during the winter months. Lighter, brighter days get us looking at what needs cleaning or updating. That glass conservatory roof may not just need cleaning, but replacing depending on its age. Those furnishings may look old, outdated or even damp and drab in the sunlight. It may be warmer outdoors but despite the rising temperature and fresh air, perhaps your conservatory retains a chill that not even a good spring clean nor new furnishings can totally banish.

At Elglaze we always say – don’t move, improve and when it comes to your existing conservatory we believe before you think about replacing it, consider improving it by turning it into a four season room like any other in your home – simply by adding an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof. The Equinox Tiled Roof System transforms your conservatory from just being a bridge between the indoors and the out, or else a ‘weather permitting’ addition, into a real, fully functional home extension. Quick to install and with a seamless appearance which coordinates beautifully with the main roof of your home, Equinox allows you to retain all the light, bright benefits of a conservatory living space, but to control the temperature of that space year-round.

When it comes to spring conservatory upgrades, we’ve got a few ideas when it comes to refreshing your interior as well as raising the roof. Looking for a new look or just to add some colour indoors? Here are a few simple tips for decorating your conservatory this spring – whether you top them off with an Equinox roof or not.

Think fun and fresh. Spring is about lighter, brighter shades. Floral patterns and informal style. Choose fabrics and even accessories such as cushions which reflect the colours outdoors. As well as flowering bulbs and bunches of spring blooms inside, let your choice of decoration reflect what’s happening outdoors.

Pastels need not be boring. They can ooze sophistication and vibrancy. Welcome in spring with shades that are a contrast to the dark, stark shades of winter. Again, look outdoors to the colours of spring blossoms for inspiration.

Be a little bold when it comes to fabrics and don’t be afraid to ‘mix it up’ with different patterns provided the colours are complimentary. If you are not sure how to best pull this off, there are plenty of resources on-line which will show you how to ‘mix it up like an interior designer’. All it takes is a bit of confidence – and a splash of personal style!

Spring conservatory furniture can be anything from vintage shabby chic to lush-plush or rattan. The fact is, that when you install an Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof System your conservatory becomes season-proof. Which means all you need do is choose the kind of furniture you’ll love to use all year round.

Spring brings with it an open invitation to make a fresh start so why not create a fresh new way to enjoy your conservatory more with Equinox? Talk to Elglaze about all types of home enhancement. From conservatories and the Equinox Roof System, to new doors, windows, fascias,  guttering or canopies. You don’t need to move to create the home of your dreams, let Elglaze make enhancing your home a breeze.

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