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Replacement windows for an older property

Posted: Friday 10th September 2021 |Author: Alistair Sales
replacement windows - sliding sash window

Over the past two years, we have all spent more time at home than we might have anticipated. Windows that are less than optimal can have a detrimental impact on your home’s thermal efficiency. This short post outlines a few tips you should consider if you live within a conservation area.

Is your home listed or within a conservation area?

If your home falls under any of the above categories, your property might have certain guidelines you need to adhere to under Article 4 Direction. In short, you cannot replace your old windows with any new model on the market – you need to be relatively specific with your choices. Not to worry, Elglaze offers an extensive range of windows that fit these particular requirements and won’t leave you short on options or styling choices.

It is often the case where a comparable replacement window in terms of style is preferred. The thermal efficiency, however, will be much improved compared to your old windows.

Conservation Area Sliding Sash Windows can be a fantastic option for older homes. They provide excellent thermal properties as well as being stylish. Our conservation area approved sash windows are a unique proposition for uPVC windows. The image below shows why this window is unique and highlights all the different features it offers.

Conservation Area Approved Sliding Sash Window features - replacement windows

As with any modern uPVC window, you also benefit from an ‘A’ Energy Rating. The tilt facility also makes for easy cleaning and, of course, no more painting!

Measure the replacement windows correctly

Most glazing companies would require you to measure up before contacting them. But with Elglaze, we will happily send out one of our consultants to measure up your replacement windows before sending over a quote. There are specific points that you need to measure when changing conservation area approved windows. So to make this process as streamlined as possible, elglaze will happily come out to your home to measure up your potential new windows – it’s part of our process.

Choosing the right style for your home

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to replace your old windows with whatever window you wish. For example, it is frowned upon if an old-style sliding slash was replaced by a tilt and turn window. As previously mentioned, a like for like replacement is preferable in this case.

Generally, six pane sliding sash windows are ideal for Georgian properties, whereas two pane sliding sashes are preferred in Victorian homes, and flush sash windows combine classic timber sightlines with modern features.

No matter the home or style of window, elglaze can direct you to make the right choice for your property. Get in touch today to discuss this with one of our specialist team members.

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