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A Room for All Seasons – At Equinox or Solstice!

Posted: Thursday 24th November 2016 |Author: Elglaze Team
coloured leaded lights

Love your conservatory – no matter what the season and the weather! Whether we are talking the Spring or Autumn Equinox or the Summer or Winter Solstice. When you enhance your existing conservatory with Elglaze’s Equinox tiled roof system, changing seasons and temperatures cease to have an impact on how much time you spend in there. Your conservatory then functions just like any other room in your house – insulated, energy efficient and easy to regulate when it comes to temperature. But the things you can do in your conservatory increases. How about some seasonal ideas of just how functional your conservatory can become once it’s under an Equinox roof?

Winter: We’ve already posted about how hygge your new tiled conservatory can get. But here’s some other ideas when your conservatory goes from no-go area to warm winter wonderland. Christmas entertaining is now no problem – if your conservatory is big enough you can even move your dining table in there for Christmas dinner! Turn your conservatory into a play room for kids spending too much time indoors in the bad weather. Or else turn that concept on it’s head and leave the kids in the lounge room while you create an adults only chill out haven – without the chill factor of course, where you can sit and relax with that glass of mulled wine. Pretty cool while staying warm inside.

Spring: Gardeners can get a blooming early start on the better weather with spring bulbs in pots adding a splash of bright colour. Your tiled conservatory can function as an oasis of green and blossom – even while the trees outside are still bare. From house plants to spring bulbs – or even something a little more exotic, a tiled conservatory provides the perfect environment year round for green thumbs. And as the days get lighter you are insulated from March winds and April showers if you just want to spend more time sitting in your conservatory, looking at all that gardening that needs doing!

Summer: Have you ever had the experience of your conservatory going from too cold in winter to too hot in summer? With Equinox roofs you won’t need to slap on the factor 50 just to stay indoors! However, whether the summer turns into the Great British Bake-Off or the Great British Wash-Out makes no difference to you as your conservatory is now both the perfect home and garden extension. Open your conservatory doors and windows to create a flowing home and garden environment for entertaining or relaxing. Or close them when it rains. If you plan that barbeque and the weather decides not to oblige, no problem. When you have a tiled conservatory, summer is all about bringing that sense of the outdoors inside – no matter what the weather does.  Where does your garden end and your home begin? Under the Equinox tiled roof!

Autumn: We like to think of Autumn as one of our favourite seasons. ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ as John Keats wrote. Hang on? Did someone say ‘mists’? We like the mellow fruitfulness bit but we’re not sure about the ‘mists’. Watching the leaves turn from the comfort of that couch in your conservatory is one thing, but mists can mean damp. Lucky your tiled conservatory functions like any other room in your house and what is more, keeps summer going that little bit longer. Autumn is often the time we start to retreat from our conservatories, spending more time in the better insulated rooms in the house. From turning your tiled conservatory into a Halloween pumpkin carving (and lighting) play area for the kids (or maybe you – c’mon – we know how much fun that is!), to a video game free zone for adults, our guess is you won’t notice the passing of the seasons once you have an Equinox conservatory roof. Just how much more use you get out of your conservatory every day of the year!

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