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Should you insure your Garden Room?

Do you work from a garden studio or office that isn’t attached to your home? Are the contents of that studio insured? These questions need to be thought about when you install a garden studio.

Published: Wednesday 25th May 2022 | Categories: House & Home

Depending on what you use your Garden Studio for, there may be lots of valuable equipment that could require insurance. The last thing anyone wants is your belongings being damaged or stolen without any insurance cover.

What type of insurance covers Garden Studios?

The first thing to do is check that your current insurance covers an outbuilding. If it does, you’re off to a great start already, and all you have to do is inform the company you use of any additional items in the outbuilding that you would like covered.

If the garden studio is used purely as an office, you may require some commercial insurance cover. By doing this, items such as computers and any other hardware associated with a business are covered.

Some insurance providers cap the amount you can claim per item, and others will cover the entire contents of the garden studio. This will be price dependent. Companies such as Henshalls, John Lewis Insurance and Swinton offer specific insurance policies for Garden Room businesses and are well worth looking into.

Because of what has happened over the years, asking for this insurance has been more frequent among insurance providers.

What might invalidate Garden Studio insurance?

The most important habit for any garden studio owner is always to lock the garden studio, even if you’re going back into the house to open the front door. This would give a thief plenty of time to steal some equipment. Unfortunately, your insurer wouldn’t cover your contents if an event like this arises. So always remember to lock your garden studio, even if it’s for 5 minutes. All of your possessions are left at your own risk.

Always install a secure lock and a decent alarm and ensure a level of care that will provide the good working order of windows, doors and overall structure.

Your outbuilding can also be protected against weather damage and fire. However, this may increase your quote. Also, if your garden studio is directly located under a large tree, insurers are unlikely to offer cover for this. So in the planning, ensure the location of the building is in a desirable place for both parties.

Using Elglaze as your Garden Studio installer

Start designing your ideal garden studio today. Call the team on 01223 323232 to book a consultation, request a quote or ask any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you create your perfect space.


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