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Six Creative Ideas to Get the Most from Your Equinox Conservatory Roof

Posted: Monday 16th January 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
living room

The final tile on your Equinox Conservatory roof is in place and now it’s time to make the most of the enhanced living space that putting an Equinox roof on your existing conservatory brings. But why stop there? Now you have an entire new room added to your home, now the fun really begins as you can unleash your creativity when it comes to decorating styles. Why not be adventurous and try something new or different to the rest of your home? Here are six key style trends that lend themselves beautifully to conservatory style.

1: Oh la la! The French provincial look is never out of style. Think whitewashed wood which gives your conservatory a year-round summer look. Use pastel or faded shabby chic tones when it comes to rugs, curtains or upholstery. Keep clutter to a minimum. There’s a reason the French have a reputation of creating timeless interiors – they understand that less is often more. This re-upholstered French Louis style chair would be a feature piece in any conservatory.

2: Retro Style. Fab, vibrant 60’s retro style just says this is a room for fun as well as style. If you can’t find the real thing, there are plenty of contemporary designs which look just like the real thing. Or mix and match genuine vintage retro finds with modern day pieces.

3: Get Green. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your conservatory a new look. Adding an Equinox tiled roof means you can even grow plants in your conservatory that would not have thrived before – such as citrus trees (see our other blog entry). Or just indulge that green thumb all year round and watch your house plants thrive in their new environment.

4: Be Bohemian. Get a bit eclectic. Indulge yourself by finding unusual pieces from around the world – colourful rugs, tables, ornaments. Create your own unique signature look. Mix and match styles. Create a fusion space that an adventure for the senses – and the perfect place to unwind.

5: Hygge it Up: Another inexpensive way to update your conservatory décor is to just invest in new cushions and a couple of throws. Rather than buying new furniture, new home accessories are a cheap way to create an entire new look for your conservatory.

6: Go Bold:  Create a contrast. If the rest of your house is in muted or monochrome tones, then go for bold in your conservatory. Or if the rest of your home is bold, then opt of more subtle shades. Creating a room that is radically different to others in your home sets it apart as a special place – a sanctuary or a place to socialise and have fun. Explore contrasts and step out of your usual decorating style. After all, you now have the space to experiment!

Start your journey to creating not just a whole new room in your home but a new style of living. Talk to Elglaze about an Equinox tiled conservatory roof.

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