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Sliding Doors: Everything You Need to Know About Bifolds

Posted: Tuesday 20th June 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
Bi-folding patio doors

Who doesn’t want extra light in their home? More light gives you the feeling of more space – plus we know light is good for you as scientific studies have proved. Glass always says luxury whichever way you look through it and beautiful bifold glass doors not only have aesthetic appeal but elevate the value of our home.

If you have a home extension or are remodelling, then adding bifolds, or folding sliding doors, has become one of the most popular choices in recent years when it comes to glazed doors. They allow you to open up entire walls of glass completely, and of course – they look beautiful. Bifolds usually run on tracks that are flush to the floor or which are extremely low-level – providing a seamless connection between the interior of your home and the outside as well as minimising the chance of tripping.

Bifolds concertina back – ‘stack’, and you can specify whether they ‘stack’ inside or outside. So, if space or even furniture placement is an issue, your bifolds can be installed to ‘stack’ on the outside. The slimline design of today’s bifolds means you get all the design impact without compromising on space. Aluminium bifolds also compliment your existing timber windows and doors updating older homes with a fresh, contemporary design appeal.

If you are replacing existing doors such as old French Doors for example, then bifolds not only add a contemporary and updated look, but they let in more light due to less frame space. If you have an existing conservatory in need of a facelift, then as well as perhaps considering the Equinox Tiled Roof System to turn it into a real extension of your home, you could also replace your conservatory’s existing doors with brighter, more modern bifolds.

Today’s bifolds are maintenance free and thermally efficient too. Plus, aluminium bifolds can be made wider than timber ones so you need fewer panels. Why call us and discover for yourself just what a breeze installing bifolds can be?  Plus right now Elglaze are celebrating their 34th Anniversary by offering 34% off their entire range of all windows, doors and conservatories. There’s never been a better time to make that seamless connection with summer. Talk to Elglaze and see why we say you don’t need to move to create the home you love to live in. #dontmoveimprovewithelglaze

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