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David & Margaret Coaster

With reference to the supply and installation of new windows and doors at our home we wish to inform you of our satisfaction with the quality of the product and high standard of service which we received. In particular we wish to comment as follows

1. In our opinion the price represented excellent value for money and we were grateful for the no nonsense attitude of the sales staff (Jim Wright), who quoted a sensible price with clear discount. 2. We were warned at the time of order that the company was very busy, and that this would affect delivery, however in the end, the time we had to wait was reasonable. 3. When it came to installing the windows our fitter (Jimmy) arrived everyday on a timely basis. He was very courteous and working alone he completed the installation of our 13 windows and 2 doors in under 3 days. We were very satisfied with the standard of his workmanship which was undertaken with minimal mess and disruption. At the end of every day Jimmy made sure our home was clean and tidy. 4. Once the installation was complete we inspected every installed item and with the exception of a small scratch on one sealed unit we could not find any fault. Elglaze have already put manufacture of a replacement sealed unit in the hand to rectify this.

To sum up we are very happy with the quality and high standard of professional service that Elglaze provided and we would recommend them without reservation to our family, friends and neighbours.

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