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uPVC window installation guide

Your windows installed in 5 easy steps

Published: Tuesday 18th October 2022 | Categories: News

How does it work? Is it messy? Will it take long? These are just some of the questions our customers ask, so we’ve put together a quick installation guide which takes you through the basics of window installation without confusing you with the technical aspects – we worry about those so that you don’t have to! 

  1. Your windows are made to measure but the first thing we do when we arrive on site is to check they’ve been made to the right size before removing any of your existing windows. You can never be too careful!
  2. We begin the removal of the old frames by running a sharp knife around them to neatly break the bond between the frame and the plaster inside and the external silicone seal, keeping the damage to the brickwork, plaster and internal decoration to a minimum.
  3. Next we start to remove the old glazing, all existing fixings and necessary brickwork so the old window can be removed entirely and the walls cleaned of any remaining debris. 
  4. Now we’re ready to measure up for the external sill which is then screwed to the new frame and carefully positioned into the aperture, ensuring its central and level before firmly fixing into place.
  5. When we’re sure the frame is clean and dust free it’s time to fit the new glazing which is finished with beading, internal trims and finally sealant to create a good, clean bond.

And for our customers it really is that quick and simple. We don’t leave any mess behind but we do leave your new windows looking beautifully clean. Read customer reviews to hear more, get in touch via the contact from or call us today on 01223 323232 to ask for a quote.


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