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The Weather Outside is Frightful

Posted: Thursday 20th October 2016 |Author: Elglaze Team

Equinox Tiled Conservatories: The Delightful Solution to Frightful Weather

The weather outside is frightful but is your conservatory still as delightful as it was in the summer? Or with winter just around the corner has it already become a no-go area? Do you have to rug up even if you are not stepping outdoors? Chances are your conservatory enhances your living space and you need it all the more as the days get shorter and the nights draw in. But when you and your family are spending more time indoors, the last thing you need is for a key area of your home to go ‘off-limits’ and turn into a walk-in freezer or just not feel as welcoming as the rest of your home. And on clear winter days or even crisp winter nights, wouldn’t it be nice to go on using your conservatory? But are you put off by the chill factor? Or does the thought of the size of your energy bill if you do spend time in your conservatory in the cooler weather sending a shiver up your spine that has nothing to do with plummeting temperatures?

At Elglaze we have the solution on hand. And one that not only extends the use of your conservatory but also which preserves and enhances its beauty and functionality. No more being a slave to the seasons, the weather or even those dark winter nights as our Equinox Tiled Roof System turns any conservatory into a real room.

We ensure your Equinox conservatory roof blends seamlessly with the existing roof of your house. Move in your comfiest couch, your cosiest arm chairs or even your family dining table. Our tiled roof systems are incredibly energy efficient offering you incredible insulation and energy efficiency – up to 10 times greater than ‘A’ rated windows. So, the weather outside can be frightful, but you can let it snow, let it snow, let it snow while staying warm under your new conservatory roof.

Don’t wait until winter is officially here. Why now give us a call now to discuss how together we can beat the winter blues and you and your family can stay delightfully warm this winter?



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