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What’s Your Conservatory Style?

Posted: Friday 3rd February 2017 |Author: Elglaze Team
wood burner

If you’re thinking about adding an Equinox tiled roof to your existing conservatory, you may already have in mind a new use for it. Or maybe you just want to extend its current usage and make it more liveable for the entire family all year round? Some people use their conservatories as an additional living area, for entertaining, as a playroom or even as their home office. So, what’s your conservatory style and how will you utilise your conservatory once your Equinox roof is installed? Have you got a vision we can help you create? If you’re looking for inspiration as to turn your conservatory into a beautiful and ever more functional room in your home, then from the practical to the opulent, we’ve picked a wide cross section of conservatories to inspire you.

When it comes to getting cosy – you are probably already aware of how an Equinox tiled roof not only save energy but transforms your conservatory into a room like any other in your house. However, for that extra level of comfort, we love the idea of this wood burning stove installed in this conservatory which functions as a lounge room. Even if your home does not have a chimney, you could enjoy all the benefits of a real fire in the cooler weather with this innovative and stylish solution!

If you work from home then your newly tiled Equinox conservatory really can function as the room for all seasons and your new office space. You’ll have room to work, to create and to enjoy the view of your garden as you do so. Plus making your conservatory your home office means you can have your quiet time away from the family when you need to – to brainstorm or just to enjoy that quiet coffee break.

Your conservatory can function as a dining area as in this stylish contemporary solution –

Or just provide you with extra year-round living space to relax and for general entertainment.

We hate to use the term ‘raise the roof’ when we’re talking about putting one on. But when it comes to dream conservatories for those of us not bothered about a budget – take a look at these:


Let’s face it, conservatory styles are as varied and as individual as we are. Chances are, your ideal conservatory will contain elements that only you could bring to it. But you bring the inspiration – and we’ll bring the roof! Call us or contact us to discuss just how we can make your conservatory style fit your lifestyle when you add an Equinox tiled roof.

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